You're never nice to me

So why should I like you?!

Devil x Devil is a yaoi series written and illustrated by Sawauchi Sachiyo. The series consists of six chapters, the first 3 featuring Suzaku and Hotei while the other 3 are oneshots. The following contains spoilers, you've been warned!


Hotei is a low level demon that feeds off human energy. His method? Seducing human girls of course! However, recently he's starved due to Suzaku, a fallen angel with both looks and charisma. Suzaku easily charms the girls, constantly tormenting Hotei with his skills.


He loves to tease Hotei and while on the surface Hotei bears an obvious dislike for the mischievous angel, he also secretly likes him...well at least his beauty. Suzaku has a love for little boys, a.k.a a shota complex and states that if only Hotei was a bit younger, he would be nice to him. And so begins the short story of this mismatched couple.

The Beginning

Hotei enjoying the bliss of candy

Hotei, hungry and without any source of energy, risks his life when he eats the candy offered to him by a child. It triggers a bad reaction and he suddenly turns into a human child. A very cute child that Suzaku would love to eat.

Suzaku meets child Hotei

Suzaku offers Hotei food when he faints out of hunger (and probably shock and fear). Here is when the plan manifest itself in Hotei's brilliant mind to take revenge on Suzaku and so he takes advantage of him for the day. While Hotei tries to act out his revenge, he feels slightly guilty since Suzaku is being so nice to him and he is (gasp!) actually having fun with the angel. But so the effects of the candy soon wear off and the truth is revealed. But Suzaku already knows though Hotei believes his true form is undesired by the shota loving angel.

Who could resist this face? Hotei is fucking adorable.

Idiot is the word used by Suzaku to describe Hotei who is oblivious to the angel's lust (or something more?). Sex kink and smut ensues.

Lust and sex

Wings, horns and all. After all this, our dear Hotei is a very satiated demon and we find that Suzaku is quite the greedy angel. His words to Hotei, "I'll forgive you for tricking me if you be a good boy and let me fuck you."
End of chapter 1. More coming soon! :)