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Mezase Hero!

Mezase Hero! is a light yaoi/shounen Ai manga by Kodaka Kazuma. You can read a synopsis of the manga here

There are four main characters in this series:

Kashima Toranosuke (Tora-san)
He has always wanted to be a detective. He is a rookie officer in the Investigation Department and partnered with Mahori. He was born in Kobe, studied in Tokyo and joined the police force after graduation. He likes karaoke and big screen T.V. He works in the Violent Crime Division. His nickname is 'Tora' as Mahori calls him. He knew Sagara's father when he was still a detective. Sagara's father was an influence in Tora's decision in becoming a detective as he was a part of a gang and was a rebellious child.

Mahori Koudia (Dai-san)
He was born in Tokyo. He graduated from Tokyo University Law School and started his career in the police force right after graduation. He had been working solo until Tora came along. He is the head of the devision. His hobbies include wine, pachinko and betting on horse racing. His nick name is Dai-san. He also openly admits he is gay and is referred to as a smooth talker.

Sagara Yuuichi
He is currently the director of the police headquaters, he is very serious and makes quick decisions. He was Mahori's senpai when he worked in the Police Bureau. They had been close from the start. Yuuichi is in love with Mahori but Mahori does not reciprocate his feelings. His father was a detective so there were people who tried to get revenge on him. Sagara suffered a trauma when he was gang raped and beaten; he was betrayed by someone he was close to. Sagara's father blamed in himself for what happened to Yuuichi. Yuuichi gets a panic attacks from time to time though he got help for his trauma and he sleeps with different men; in a way he is hurting himself.

Mahori Nobunaga
Mahori Nobunaga is a part of swat team 5 and is Dai-san's older brother. He was married and has a child. He's refered to as a beast in the manga several times because of his appearance. He fell in love with Sagara at first sight. He is very persistent with Sagara and does not take a hint at all which caused him to receive a few slaps.


Dai-san and Tora
Their relationship is quite slow and they have not had a sex yet. Often times the employees at the Investigation Department make bets of when they would 'do it' and which couples would be paired up together. Tora cares deeply about Dai-san but he felt insecure that Dai may have feelings for Sagara and he believes Dai should help Sagara cure his trauma. However Mahori makes it clear that Tora is number one in his heart though he does care for Sagara. At the Investigation Department they are know as the Idiotic Duo because they pursue investigations on their own and often wind up in trouble though solving the cases. In an Extra chapter, the couple was staying in a room at a hotspring, Dai and Tora were about to have sex but Tora couldn't handle it and says he respects Sagara in a new kind of way. (Sagara and Nobunaga were in the room next door having sex and Tora saw them)

Nobunaga and Sagara
Their relationship was not off to a good start, well at least to Sagara it wasn't. He did not like Nobunaga at all. Nobunaga got several slaps from Sagara for being out of place. There was a scene where Sagara wanted to give Nobunaga his body but Nobunaga refused, not wanting to be used as a tool by Sagara. However he did sleep the night over and Sagara began to develop feelings for him. There were some obstacles in being together as Sagara was angry thinking Nobunaga had a wife but after a bombing, Sagara thought he would lose Nobunaga and it made him realize how much he loved him. This couple, though being secondary progressed a lot faster, there were several sex scenes and despite Sagara looking so stiff and serious, he can be quite sexy in bed :P Sagara, being my favourite character, it was great to see him find someone to love him and be happy.

The information above was written by me as I remembered it from the manga, if there is any incorrect details please feel free to email me. Certain things, like thier hometown, likes and dislikes were translated in the manga itself.