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Hidaka Shoko

Hidaka Shoko is a yaoi (boys love) author/artist. Some of her series are Arashi no Ato, Hana wa Saku ka and Yuuutsu na Asa. A complete list can be found here. Though one of my favourite yaoi series, Arashi no Ato, was written by Hidaka Shoko, I initially took little notice of her. However, over time I had read the majority of her works and I would find myself revisiting her series to read them again. Before I realized it, she became a favourite of mine and now I consider her work to be very precious and unique in this insane world of yaoi.

There are several reasons why I love her series; vaguely speaking, her stories are written elegantly and the art is beautiful. I enjoy the varied pacing of her work, the emotional intensity and insecurities of her characters and the development of the relationships in her stories. She's very skilled at creating stories that are worthy of being called dramas without it being over the top and she can maintain a shadow of realism throughout the series. I adore her characters and their personalties which ranges from cold, calculating and graceful to unmotivated, lazy and mundane. Its also the subtle actions of her characters and their thoughts that make them more human like with emotional depth. She builds on them by adding quirks, contrasting traits and insecurities. When I read Hidaka Shoko's work, I feel as though she genuinely loves and respects her characters. She is also not afraid to use the routine of every day life as set ups for her stories and so it takes on a naturalness that is rare in the yaoi genre.

I love and quite frankly lust after Hidaka Shoko's art. Yaoi in all its glorious porn and smut offers somewhat diversified art for readers to enjoy. Hidaka Shoko has her own distinct style; her uke characters are nowhere near the girly stereotype, the have the same anatomical build as the seme yet they're still graceful while her seme, though wonderfully delicious, pale in comparison to the beauty of the uke. Whether its the characterisation or the art, the uke grabs the attention. This might just depend on preference but her uke characters are generally mature, capable and they have a very strong presence. Evidence of this can be seen with Tomoyuki Katsuragi of Yuuutsu na Asa. Some characters can also appear 'average' such as Sakurai Kazuki from Hana wa Saku ka. The variations in her artwork are something to be admired and her drawings are sure to induce ovary explosions. ;)

This incredible mangaka deserves so much more attention and love, the quality of her work is amazing and if you have yet to check out her work, THEN GO DO SO NOW. Her series are definitely worth a read!


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