Miyamoto Kano

Miyamoto Kano is a BL/yaoi manga-ka. BL stands for boys love also known as yaoi which are female-oriented fictional media that focus on homoerotic or homoromantic male relationships, usually created by female authors. She is an incredibly talented artist and one of my favourites. Many of her series are related and her characters appear in several different stories. Her series are categorized in the following listings:
Calling Universe
Rules Universe
Walker Universe

For a list of her work, refer to this page. For your reading pleasure check Liquid Eros. Liquid Eros is a yaoi manga scanlation group that have translated many of her series which are listed in chronological order for easier understanding. As the name of this site reflects, her work is not always fluff. They are often tinged with sadness and there are heartbreaks, relationship issues and sometimes melodramatic situations. Some of her characters are very flawed, they dabble in drugs, have many sexual partners and emotionally hurt the ones they love. Such a character is Bun in the Walker Universe series where she shows us his past, present and the relationships he was involved in. I love the Walker Universe series because it has unique and interesting characters and it transcends just being a yaoi story. It is about friendship and growth and I love that she does this.

Her stories aren't all angst and heartbreak. She has many one shots and shorter stories that appeal to those just looking for some eyecandy, good ol' sex and a certain degree of fluff. Series like Te wo Tsunaide, Sora wo and Aisanai Otoko are no less amazing and fun to read. Besides great stories and amazing characters, her art is beautiful. I love the character designs, the softness of her colouring and the sensuality of their movement and expressions. I admire her art and even before I knew what the hell yaoi was, I fell in love with her covers.

Miaymoto Kano's series were some of the first series I ever had the pleasure of reading and ever since then I've been in love with her work. I love reading over her series and drooling over her drawings. I recommend giving her work a chance if you've never read her series. Its worth it.


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